Thursday 22 September 2016

Number 11 by Jonathan Coe

Number 11 by Jonathan Coe
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This is a really good if you want to delve into current state of the nation. It is a really good read albeit a few flaws.

The book spans over 10 years starting in 2003 and consists of interlinked stories demonstrating how Britain has changed. Specifically, there is a lot of emphasis on how important money has become to everyone to the point of shamelessness. Some aspects will touch raw nerves of readers. I was particularly stung with the expensive cancer drug costs, which only the super rich can really afford. At least, in the book the patient could apply through Cancer Drug Fund and now thanks to our government, the fund no longer exists!
Number 11 features in each story differently and seems to be connected to one misfortune or another. Ultimately Number 11 Downing St is mentioned in the last story emphasising the changing Financial policies of the country.  
I wish there were more dialogues than prose in the book - it always helps relate to the characters. In this case, it was difficult to relate to any of them, except possibly Rachel.

The book is very gripping (except the first story) - if you can get past the first story the rest of it is very good and difficult to put down. It is funny, witty and comical in the right places. It even becomes a little "twilight zone" in the last chapter and I have to say I failed to understand the significance of the spiders so please if you review it, enlighten me!!

I highly recommend the novel

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