Friday 16 September 2016

Hampstead Antiques Emporium, Hampstead, London

I passed by Hampstead Antique Emporium when we were there for lunch at Villa Bianca (reviewed separately). When I walked in I was stunned at the lovely things you can buy there and such reasonable prices!

There are about 20 traders & stalls here offering antiques and crafts; textiles, art deco jewellery, glass, china, miniatures and so much more. I especially liked 3D greeting cards, depicting miniature worlds produced by Karrie Barron cards.

At another stall, they sell some stunning miniature boxes. I especially loved the art deco and Victorian style jewellery - and will go back to buy!! There are some lovely porcelain pieces for avid collectors.

It is such a hidden place that you can easily miss it. I was really happy I found this place - it's such a collector's heaven and the prices are so much better than what you would pay in Portobello market or elsewhere in London. Also all the stallholders are so friendly and helpful!
This is one of those secret London attractions that you have to discover for yourself and I highly recommend you do! It's amazing!

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