Monday 19 December 2016

Christmas Activities for under two year old

Christmas Activities for under two year old

As many new moms know, finding activities to do together with under two year olds can be challenging sue to their attention span and complete unwillingness to sit down anywhere for more than 5 minutes!  However, over the weekend, me, baby and her daddy got up to 3 activities which were fun, creative and great for bonding time with her. Of course you can do the activities with older kids but these will be a hit with the younger ones (and help them sit still for some time!)

Gingerbread Man Decoration

Materials: Cooked gingerbread man, food pens, liquid food colouring in tubes; edible confetti or candy; Smarties or M&Ms; Icing in a tube

This year, I have discovered food pens, edible glitter and liquid food colouring so can literally go nuts with your little one. From icing and toppings to themes and design, there are a variety of things you can use to decorate your gingerbread man. Most food pens can be obtained from Hobbycraft or Amazon and they are really amazing for decoration. Plus if they put these in their mouth, they are not harmful! Well, except for the sugar rush!
You can use liquid food colouring as glue to add Smarties and candy on the cookie but unfortunately, our gingerbread man is missing buttons because baby is a fan of Smarties! Sprinkling loads of edible confetti/candy is also great fun as it doesn't require good dexterity and the little eons love overdoing this!

Bauble Decoration

Materials: Plain cardboard paper cut out in a bauble shape, stickers or coloured cottonwool, cotton, colour markers/pencils/crayons, glue, scissors

1) Cut out a bauble eon your cardboard paper
2) Sit with your little one and start decorating with stickers, drawings, random glitter, anything in your crafts box that he/she likes
3) Glue on some cotton wool if you like
4) Drill a tiny hole in the bauble and pass through a string or thread. Tie the thread / string together
Optional: If you have can, get the bauble laminated to keep in your Christmas decorations box

Hang your bauble on the tree!!