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M&M's World, Leicester Sq, London

Rating: 4 out of 5


I am not an M&Ms fan and I never buy it but I loved this place and I bought the chocolates!! It is such a fun shop with so much to look at - its tacky but in a fun way. The displays are really nice and you can take good selfies there!
The staff are very friendly and available to help.


I also bought their merchandise (really don't know why - the smell of chocolate in the air made me do it!) I now own an M&M blanket, a mug and a little backpack for baby! Why?! The items are actually quite expensive in the store, as well as the chocolates so not really worth buying!



It's a great place for kids.The bright colours and displays are so attractive for them (and adults!) but they will not leave without buying something!

Sketchbook tour, National Gallery, London

Rating: 5 out of 5

If you are an arty type then this is one event you should go to. National Gallery run several of these during the year and event dates are available on their website.

The event involves a group tour of selected paintings at the gallery. The artist leading the tour lectures the group on the technique used and a bit on the painting's history. Then we were instructed to sketch the painting using s variety of different methods. The idea is more to understand the technique and really see the paintings in depth. So amazing.

You don't need much for the tour just a pencil and sketchbook but bring along a sharpener - I needed it after 1 hr!
The tour lasts 1.5 hr and stools are provided.
It is a really unique experience and I highly recommend it!

Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park, London


Really nice place but I wish there were more things to do for babies over 6 months. Maybe a Merry go round? Great place, good ambience and atmosphere.
 However the rides are extremely and unnecessarily expensive.  Also it could be organised better to disperse the crowd 
Not sure if I would visit again for the rides but would do for the mini pancakes with Nutella!!!!

Paint Nite, various venues

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


So basically, this is a social painting  event where you enjoy a drink and socialise as you paint. No experience necessary and the instructor is actually extremely good as she guides you through various techniques (not as in a painting class but she gives some good pointers).
They provide you with all the paints, brushes, canvas, aprons, etc so you don't have to bring anything. You also get to take your panting away which is nice.
So in brief here is what I liked about the experience:
1. The instructor is extremely good - you good some great pointers on painting
2. Atmosphere was great - Fun night
3.  No need to bring anything even previous experience!!
4. You do go away with a nice painting you didn't think you could do at first!

Definitely worth going to
My only reason for giving it a 4.5 was the venue - we painted Monet's Japanese Bridge at the Trafalgar, King's Rd and the lighting is far from ideal (and food is not that great either) so a change in venue would be good

In summary, fantastic night out and highly recommend it!












The Tower hotel

St Katharine's Way
London E1W 1LD
Rating; 3 out of 5

Good hotel but their attention to detail was really lacking. They have no in room breakfast cards so if you order breakfast in the morning be prepared to wait about 40 min even if it's just toast 
 There are some really good restaurants nearby in St Katherine's docks area but the hotel food is not very impressive
Rooms are nice with good views on both sides (docks or tower bridge) but bathrooms are tiny
Re their attention to detail- although the staff are willing to help, they don't seem adequately trained for example they forget things when you order food or drinks, their serving techniques are not refined and they generally hurry you out of their brasserie which I found annoying

All in all, it's ok not great 

Popup Painting, London

Rating 5 out of 5











Let me start by saying that this was the most fun I have had in a long time! For a truly different night out, this is an ideal event!
Basically, this is an entertaining and social painting event which is held at various locations in London (see their website for details). They do various themes - we went at the Grange in Ealing to paint Van Gogh's Starry Night (one of my favourite paintings).
It is not quite an art class but you do get guidance. You don't have to get any materials -it is all provided. The organisers and artists are very nice and very helpful. They keep the mood light and you can really get into painting. I was so nervous I will ruin mine but I managed to do a decent painting!

It was absolutely amazing. This event was held in a pub so you can get a drink while you paint. They play some nice music as well so you really unleash your inner artist!
I also just want to add that the venue, The Grange, was lovely - see photos. They have a comfortable seating area and really good service.
It is one event I would very highly recommend. They do these "popup painting events" at various locations in London so do check these out. I will definitely go again. I never realised social painting could be such fun!!
Thank you, Popup Team!








Moi, the Artist


My Starry Night!!




Doubltree Hilton West End

92 Southampton Row | Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4BH

Rating: 1 out of 5

Hmm.. where shall I start with this one? I am trying not to sound too negative but this hotel sort of leaves me no choice.  I think I will list my experience as best as I can:
1. The room was tiny, even for London 4 star standard but the bathroom was a good size. Be warned, there is virtually no space for food trays in the room and they categorically refuse to bring food trollies in the room
2. The check-in time is 3 pm but I was not given my room until 3.30 pm and after making a big fuss!
3. Food is terrible (at least room service food)
4. Staff are helpful at reception but not if you call them from the room
5. Very slow internet so no good for business stays

All in all very very disappointing experience.

Tiny rooms

So called "fruit salad"
No place for a tray

The Magic Hour,  London

Address: The Grand Royale, Hyde Park | 1-9 Inverness Terrace, London NW1 2AR, England



We went to this amazing event at the beautiful Grand Royale on New Year's day, and we loved it!

It is a very unusual and interesting show. The setting is Victorian - and very believable - you feel you have travelled back in time.

The magician Sonic, is very talented and extremely entertaining - a perfect showman. You get a free drink at the old bar before the show and I highly recommend you go for the "Magic" cocktail, which has "sugar pops" on the glass - so nice! Sonic also visits his audience in the bar after the show and shows more of his slight of hand talents. The number of people per show is about 30 so it is a very intimate entertainment experience, allowing the magician to interact with most audience members. Truly amazing and fun show. Highly recommend it - my favourite part was the Victorian style séance though I wish that bit lasted longer!





Rembrandt at the National Gallery

Admission £16 for adults [Rating 4.5 out of 5]

Rembrandt: The Late Works is currently on exhibition at the National Gallery - a compilation of paintings and drawings from his late years.
I was particularly impressed with his drawings rather than his paintings. The details of the drawings and the creativity that went into them is certainly unsurpassed. Of course, he is well known for his paintings, which are definitely very contemporary for his time. I almost felt he was the first "impressionist" with the coarseness of the brushwork on the paintings, yet not losing any details of what he was conveying. His sketches and drawings on the other hand have beautiful detail - absolutely magnificent.  
I understand that in his late years, Rembrandt was searching for more expressive ways to incorporate in his art.  The compilation of drawings, prints and paintings demonstrates how he experimented and refines with techniques  using shading and light.
Whether you are interested in Rembrandt or in art, do not miss this exhibition!
Rembrandt: The Late Works features around 40 paintings, 20 drawings and 30 prints.


Other treasures on permanent display at the National Gallery


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