Friday 20 February 2015

DIOR DIORSKIN Fluid foundation sponge

Rating 5 out of 5

Dior Fluid Foundation Sponge is an absolute must-have make-up tool.

The shape of it is very similar to the pink Beautyblender except for the flat bottom allowing the Dior sponge to stand up on its own. I have used it dry and damp (for dry areas) and both ways it gives a very nice blend. Mind you, if using damp, just add a tiny amount of water.

The pointed tip can be used for around the eyes, nose, and mouth and the side is for blending on the cheeks and forehead. I haven't used the flat bottom for coverage - mostly use that to stand the sponge but I will try using to for larger areas like the neck and around the shoulders for strapless dresses.

It doesn't absorb the foundation as much as the Beatublender sponge so you don't  need to use too much of the foundation. The coverage is much better coverage than Beautyblender with a streak-free finish. Really good for a quick application if you don't have time to use foundation brush. It is also bigger than the Beautyblender sponge though the Beautyblender is much softer.

Highly recommend the Dior sponge for good coverage, especially for evenings out


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