Monday 31 October 2016

The seashell girl by Linda Finlay

The seashell girl by Linda Finlay
Rating: 1 out of 5

Seventeen year old Merry lives in a Cornish fishing village and yearn to see more of the world. No She works in a pilchard factory and knits for a wholesaler who is cheating her out of a fair wage. So she goes to Plymouth to try and sell her crafts there successfully and the story goes on about her eventual move to Plymouth, working in a dress shop, etc.

So where to start?
Firstly let's do language - the author hasn't bothered reading about British expressions (Blimey Oh Rimey!! Really??). That put me off first. The characters seemed to be from a Disney cartoon - poor Merryn is surrounded by evil women (Mrs Smale, Miss Brown, etc) but the nice men she works for rescue her from scheming of these awful women. The characters are either too nice or too evil - no shades of grey (reality check! People are not black and white).
Then there is this whole book about her working and being promoted in a shop in Plymouth and she leaves it all to go back to the fishing village once she has decided to get married and look after her Grandmother. I felt cheated! What was the point of showing an ambitious woman who falls for the first Gentleman who courts her!
And then there is her love Carey - a sensitive navy man who adores her. Is it me or the thought of falling for someone who looks identical to your sister is a little disturbing?! I did not like him - he was way too sensitive for my taste.
The ending then started to wander in the realms of the supernatural with souls coming back as flies - it just got worse and worse for me
Do not recommend at all.

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