Monday 10 October 2016

Maitre Choux, South Kensigton, London

Maitre Choux
South Kensington, London

Honestly, I don't know whether I am reviewing food or art!!! This is the first time I went to Maitre Choux and believe it or not, I am not an eclaire fan at all. I don't eat cream but the cream in these eclairs is heavenly. Its is light, fluffy - almost cloudy. Eating the raspberry éclair was like eating wisps of raspberry on a cloud of citrus cream. Every flavour on each éclair explodes in your mouth yet overall they are so delicately flavoured.

The other flavours we tried were strawberry and cream (with a pistachio cream filling) and hazelnut and milk chocolate (hazelnut cream filling). All amazing. I always wonder about the phrase "I can taste all the layers of flavour) on TV but I could genuinely experience it with these eclairs.

The staff are very friendly and we also grabbed 5 choquettes to have with tea. Yummy yummy!!!

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