Friday 22 July 2016

Yelp & Aeronaut present: Great British BBQ

Yelp & Aeronaut present: Great British BBQ
Aeronaut Pub, Acton

So first event after being back from Greece was this BBQ in Aeronaut pub and it was the perfect London come back party for me. 

This is the first Yelp event I have been to and it was great. The pub has great ambience and is very spacious. I loved the decor and apparently they hold circuses there on weekends! They have fantastic outdoor space with quirky "stall" booths so definitely going back there for a dinner and show!

The event itself was very well organised. The hosts were very friendly and the food delicious. In addition to the BBQ, they had lovely scones with jam and cream! Yummy!

The singer was lovely with a sweet voice. There were competitions and prizes so everyone really got into it.

All participants were very friendly so overall turned out to be a nice chilled night out! Perfect!
Thank you, Yelp! 

Style if the day
So it was lovely weather and I opted for; 1. skinny jeans from J Brand
2. Floral top from Mango
3. Hold-all bag from Louis Vuitton
4. High but comfy gold wedges from Zara

I also opted for a three necklace look for a statement effect! ;-)

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