Thursday 21 July 2016

Why visit Elounda town in Crete?

Elounda town

This a truly charming rustic Greek town with many local souvenir shops and authentic restaurants. The town is a fishing port so you will find lots of fresh fish on the menus of all the restaurants. The town itself is quaint, quite and full of character. Locals are very friendly. Food is excellent and better priced than the food in nearby resorts. In addition, you get to sample many authentic dishes.  The low buildings of the square, its rustic feeland and palm trees made me feel like I am walking in ancient Greece - soooo lovely!.

Elounda Town centre

Elounda Port

Posing in the port

Baby loving the boats!
The sea views from the town are irresistible and stunning. In addition you can take boat rides to nearby island so all in all a great visit!.

Elounda port

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