Sunday 29 March 2015

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette + Smashbox lipsticks

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette + Smashbox lipsticks

Rating 4.5 out of 5


Double Exposure Palette

I just got this wonderful 'Double Exposure' new palette by Smashbox, which includes 14 shades of lovely colours. The palette contains shimmer, satin & matte shades that you can use as they are or get them slightly wet for deeper pigmentation (I mixed them with eye gel and they looked amazing). The palette comes with a lovely double-ended brush that you can easily use to apply the shades – the quality of the brush is really good.

I was worried about sing colours on my face as I usually go from smoky or neutral palettes  but the colours come out quite understated so I wouldn’t recommend it if you are going for a strong or bold colour look.

The palette is quite versatile so you can mix and match various colours to for day/night makeup. In addition to all the colours, the palette contains highlight colour as well as crease and depth enhancing shades.

Here's what some of these look like dry vs. wet...
You can see the difference in colour depth(wet colours on left hand side)

Texture is smooth when wet but if you use them dry they tend to be quite dusty unless you use a primer underneath.
I love this palette and it is really worth buying. Just to add, my gorgeous salesgirl at the Boots Kingston counter was super helpful in helping me select this and showing me how to use the palette!
Price £37
Available at and among other stores.
Smashbox counter, Boots Kingston

Lovely makeup salesgirl, Natasha, at the Boots Counter - superhelpful
Smashbox lipsticks

So in addition to the palette, I bought the Smashbox Primrose lipstick and they have an offer at Boots where you got two lipsticks free with two Smashbox products! All the lipstick shades are gorgeous and give you a natural warm colour to your lips.


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