Friday 16 June 2017

Day out at London's West End: M&Ms world

M&M's World, Leicester Sq, London

I am not an M&Ms fan but this is one of the most fun places in London. I mean gimmicks, toys, pretend buses and chocolate!! I bought M&Ms - no idea why but I felt I must buy them. They hypnotised me! It is such a fun shop with so much to look at. It is also probably one of the most Instagrammable shops in London!

The staff are very friendly and available to help.

I also bought their merchandise (really don't know why - the smell of chocolate in the air made me do it!) I now own an M&M blanket, a mug and a little backpack for baby!

It's a great place for kids.The bright colours and displays are so attractive for them (and adults!) but they will not leave without buying something!



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