Wednesday 17 August 2016

A Visit From Voltaire by Dinah Lee Küng

A Visit From Voltaire by Dinah Lee Küng 
Rating: 5 out of 5

I absolutely loved this book. The author did a fantastic job bringing Voltaire back to life - his character is so well portrayed you feel the author must have personally met him! He is portrayed exactly as I always imagined him to be.
In the book although Voltaire can only be seen by the narrator, he dominates every scene. The language is clever and witty and the author has actually used some of Voltaire's own quotes so the dialogue just flows fluidly.  I love the fact that he is determined to continue his work and wouldn't let a little thing like death to keep him from it! That was so typical Voltaire!
In addition to humour and wit, the book is filled with anecdotes from Voltaire's life and the narrator tries to parallel his life with hers. It's very cleverly done.
It is also a perfect book for those who don't know Voltaire very well - they will want to read more!
Voltaire is as eccentric as ever with his plume hats, brocade coats, snuff boxes and gallons of coffee.
The narrator's life was not that exciting for me but simply because the parallel was Voltaire! I am sure as a stand alone, her experiences are interesting but I was skimming over her stories just to get to Voltaire!
Excellent novel and highly recommend it!

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