Monday 25 April 2016

The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After by Jenny Colgan

The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After by Jenny Colgan
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This is a lovely feel-good book for curling up with. It's not really heavy reading and was perfect after my historical fiction marathon! The writer creates the perfect atmosphere for you to escape into and get lost in the highlands of Scotland.

I love the emphasis on book and their importance for the main protagonist, Nina- I was very drawn to that. She describes books as worlds we can escape to and treats them as if they are alive. How lovely is that! Nina is an ex-librarian who has to leave her job due to the cutbacks forced by the digital age and e-books. However, she rescues old books from her library and sells them out of a van in Scottish Highlands. She moves to Scotland partly because she is captured by its magical beauty and partly because she cannot start her book business in Birmingham, where she lives.

The author captured the beauty of Scotland perfectly in the book. I absolutely love Scotland and I love books so this book was a pleasure to read. She also adds in a dark brooding hero for Nina so that just made the book perfect!

In her new life in Scotland, she meets some interesting characters and we get to know them better as the story unfolds. The book is a truly heart-warming read for cosy nights-in and I would highly recommend it!

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