Wednesday 17 February 2016

Rome Shopping Find: Sandro Ferrone

Rome Shopping Find: Sandro Ferrone
Via Nazionale, 20, Rome, Italy

One of the reasons I love Rome (apart from the art and the culture) is the shopping. You are bound to find new shops with innovative fashion ideas that eventually get copies by designers or high street shops. It is such a good city for fab fashion finds.
One of these is the brand Sandro Ferrone. I really liked the fur cuffs/bracelets they have. You can wear them with any outfit and it instantly looks elegant e.g. wear them with a black coat and it looks like the sleeves are fur lines. We will probably see the trend coming to the UK soon when high street copy it. Rome is just so original for new trends.

The clothes are also very reasonably priced and quite trendy. So definitely check it out when in Rome.
At the moment the brand's website is sunder construction:

However, you can buy or check out selected merchandise at:

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