Thursday 29 October 2015

Paint Nite , various venues

Paint Nite, various venues

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

So basically, this is a social painting  event where you enjoy a drink and socialise as you paint. No experience necessary and the instructor is actually extremely good as she guides you through various techniques (not as in a painting class but she gives some good pointers).
They provide you with all the paints, brushes, canvas, aprons, etc so you don't have to bring anything. You also get to take your panting away which is nice.
So in brief here is what I liked about the experience:
1. The instructor is extremely good - you good some great pointers on painting
2. Atmosphere was great - Fun night
3.  No need to bring anything even previous experience!!
4. You do go away with a nice painting you didn't think you could do at first!

Definitely worth going to
My only reason for giving it a 4.5 was the venue - we painted Monet's Japanese Bridge at the Trafalgar, King's Rd and the lighting is far from ideal (and food is not that great either) so a change in venue would be good

In summary, fantastic night out and highly recommend it!


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