Thursday 1 October 2015

Hotel Russell, Bloomsbury, London

Hotel Russell, Bloomsbury, London
Rating; 2 out of 5

Very disappointing stay. Room was pretty however I had the following issues;
1. Terrible plumbing - can't really control shower temperature (and I was in a superior room) and the tap for the sink had no mixer. How 1800s!!!
2. Room service was terribly slow - up to 1 hr wait!!
3. Concierge dumped my box and bag near the reception and disappeared. I had to ask reception to call someone to take these to my room to which they told me to ask the concierge! Eventually I asked another guest for help!
4. Food is disappointing - extremely cheap quality ingredients are used for everything 
5. I don't think anyone apologised for the shoddy service throughout my stay there! 

Would never go again 

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