Thursday 4 December 2014

Science and fashion

I found this innovative website which led me to think about women in science and their attiti=ude towards fashion:

It’s a quirky website, featuring designs inspired by science – like conveying complexity of neural networks in a dress!  However, what about fashion inspiring women of science? Generally, as a rule, I get this impression that most people think if you are a scientist you are not likely to be fashionable. I don’t think agree with this, especially among Arab women, and I know my colleagues from the Middle East will concur with me.

In fact, many women of science are very stylish and indeed have contributed their scientific knowledge towards fashion items –

The Newtonian Physics of Manolo Blahniks by the physicist Debbie Berebichez:

On that note, Arab women of science – please send your photos to me is stylish outfits so we can claim that women scientists are every bit as stylish as any fashioista and on that note, here is a little outfit for future congresses:

Dress & jacket from Chanel (vintage); Bag from Balenciaga & Shoes from Valentino (vintage)

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