Wednesday 17 December 2014

Malika Nail Bar in Westfield

Good service, bad nail treatment

Malika Nail Bar is in Westfield so I thought I will get my nails just shaped and polished
They take walk-ins so that was really good but here is a sum up of my experience:
1. She shaped my nail well but started to put the polish without actually cleaning the debris of filed nails! I had to point that out to her so then she cleaned it!
2. Once she had put the polish, I had little black dots from the polish all over my hands, which again I had to point out for her to clean
3. Then she told me they do not have any nail dryers there and I had to dry my polish under a lamp - not very effective for regular polish, I thought
4. At least she gave me a free nail polish before I left!
The girls were very polite but not very competent so 1 out of 5 for service. Definitely would never visit again.

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