Tuesday 26 September 2017

Weekend in Newcastle

The city

I only had two days in this lovely city so the review is very brief! On the whole, it is a beautiful city, with lovely buildings (mixture of old and new), great shopping and amazing food. I particularly like the fact that most of the restaurants are stand-alone or small chains and not large boring chains like every major city in the UK!

If you have limited time, I definitely recommend a stroll along the Quayside and walk over the Millennium bridge. It is beautiful and the views are breath-taking.


Like I said they have loads of one off or small chains and we decided to opt for these rather than big chains. The food was generally yummy. Two places that deserve a special mention is a world foods market in town - you could sample food from all over the world and it was all delicious, especially the mini pancakes!!

Another place was Zaap Thai restaurant -


So this really is the place to go if you like Thai food and something different to the usual high street restaurants. The interior is decorated like a Bangkok street market, and they have cute Tuk-Tuks turned into seating booths and there is a downtown Bangkok bus for you to pose in for pics!

The place is brightly decorated with neon signs and Thai paraphernalia reminiscent of Bangkok street! It is just brilliant. 

The menu is varied and you can make any dish mild to spicy (good news for me as I like it quite spicy!). The food is authentic, and arrives pretty quickly. It was utterly delicious! Please open a branch in London!


Bye Bye, Newcastle!



My weekend compact wardrobe consisted mainly of two outfits:
1. Mango dress, Oasis coat, Gucci boots and Chanel handbag

2. Top from H&M, AG Jeans, Louis Vuitton bag and Primark boots

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