Monday 7 August 2017

CUT at 45 Park Lane, London

CUT is an incredible steak house at 45 Park Lane, part of Dorchestor Collection of hotels.

The food was magnificent - it was probably one of the best steaks I had in London. I was especially impressed by the sauces - I had the peppercorn and the Argentinian Chimichurri sauce which were divine with the steak. Hubby had the grilled lobster was also scrumptious.

The staff take you through a mini steak tutorial so you can choose the best steak for you. They are happy to answer any queries on the menu and are generally incredibly genial and friendly.

For dessert, they had banana cream pie on the menu, which was amazing as I have not seen this dish outside of USA anywhere. I wouldn't say it was as good as the banana cream pie in the US (I miss you, Cheesecake Factory!) but it was definitely delicious and better than most desserts in the UK.

They even brought out a complimentary birthday cake for my husband for his birthday!! It was not pre-arranged by me at all! I had just told them I was booking the table for his birthday!. How nice!

..and they served us some incredibly delectable truffles just before we left!

It is definitely worth the price for such a pleasant dining experience. I highly recommend it.

Style Edit

For the evening, I wore:
Red Valentino jumpsuit
Chanel bag
Vince Camuto wedges


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