Thursday 20 April 2017

Baby's Second Birthday

Happy Second Birthday, baby!
My little girl turned two last week. It's not my usual type of blogging but the photos are so cute, I can't resist!
We decided to go for a small family only party but we still wanted her to feel very special and make her birthday memorable. So what is special to a 2 year old? Popcorn, snacks, lots of balloons, cookies, a few Peppa Pig presents,  her closest family and a special cake which has her favourite character from "In the Night Garden" - UPSY DAISY!!!  
We got a gorgeous cake made in "In the Night Garden" theme, which has her favourite character, UPSY DAISY. The cake was made by Auntie's Cookies (, who I met on Instagram! We blew lots of In the Night Garden balloons and set the table with snacks, etc.
We bought plastic cutlery, happy birthday banners, paper plates/napkins and cups from Amazon and called it a day regarding the decorations. It's amazing the things they have and at such reasonable prices! Those party stores are silly prices by comparison
Party food consisted of popcorn, gem biscuits (of course!), crisps and some yummy traditional Middle Eastern cookies made by my mom (my grandma's recipe)! My mom also made yummy rice pudding seen below.

..she was literally sitting by the cake to cut it!!

Cake was a hit and baby managed to lick the knife before I pried it out of her hands!!

Happy Birthday, baby. You’ve made the last two years total magic.

Just in case you want baby's look for your birthday party here are the sources:

Baby's Birthday - Get the Look

1. Banners and plates from Amazon
2. Balloon from Amazon
3. Cake ordered from Auntie's Cookies
4. Peppa Pig gift wrapping paper from WH Smith
5. Upsy Daisy dress from Amazon


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