Monday 20 February 2017

Aster Cafe, Victoria

Aster Café, Victoria
150 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5LB

Nordic & French cuisine

Aster Café is a lovely trendy place with impeccable service and lovely food. The staff make you feel welcome straight away.
The décor is elegant. In addition, the cocktails were amazing. But, most importantly, the food was exceptionally good with an excellent selection available from the menu.

The only thing that could be improved was the dessert. We ordered poached pear which comes with semolina pudding and chocolate ganache. Sadly, the ganache was just dark chocolate pieces and the semolina pudding was very dry. I would imagine the pear will taste better with something cold and actual molten ganache. Also I really, didn't like the way it was served in a bowl - very amateur. I would love to try the breakfast here (Danish pastries of course!). Overall, great experience and would go back
Style guide
This is  not a formal café though you cam dress up a little on the weekend so smart casual? I paired up my Armani blouse and palazzo pants with my new blue Chanel messenger!



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