Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Messenger of Athens (Mysteries of Greek Detective Book 1) by Anne Zouroudi

The Messenger of Athens (Mysteries of Greek Detective Book 1)  by Anne Zouroudi
Rating: 4 out of 5

This was a very unusual crime novel for me. The central figure is the detective Hermes Diaktoros, the " Greek Detective", who himself is a mystery (is he the Greek God Hermes? Read and find out!) I liked this little element of Greek Mythology in the book.

Diaktros, though has no official authority, investigates and solves the death of a local woman and brings her murderer to justice in a very Greek mythology fashion. The story of the woman who dies is quite melancholic and although the murderer is punished justly, you can't help feeling sad for her. Her character really speaks to the reader.
The book is a real page-turner and not just because you want to know who the murdered is. You get caught up in the lives of these people living on a tiny Greek island and you want to know what is happening to them. The author has made a whole community come alive in her book.
Highly recommend it

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