Wednesday 3 June 2015

Mum Mum Restaurant, Sharjah, UAE

Mum Mum Restaurant, Sharjah, UAE

Rating 5 out of 5

New concept in kids' food

So this is a fast food restaurant in Sharjah, UAE with a twist - the food is for kids and its all healthy food. All ingredients are natural and organic (you could taste the freshness) and prepared by expert chefs. It is probably the best fast food restaurant I have been to!

The menu is varied and you can view it on:

In addition to the yummy food, the restaurant has large play areas consisting of:
  •  Bouncy room
  • An eyeplay area which is a projector that is mounted in the ceiling and projects up to 9 different games on the floor, that are interactive and work according to a child's movement. e.g. Soccer, Ice Hockey, Popping of Bubbles, Standing on mustard and ketchup sachets, etc

  • 3D cinema
  • Grow your own vegetable garden
It is a truly amazing spot - highly recommend it!!!

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